Twitter Updater

Twitter Updater

After pouring over the Twitter API, I came up with this little application to post what I’m listening to on iTunes automatically to twitter at a specified interval.  I made a few more updates to it, and decided it’s is time to release it to the public!  I give you, the iTunes Twitter Updater.  Download, install, enjoy.


  1. Download the Twitter Updater Setup from :: No Longer Available, see bottom.
  2. Install
  3. Click on the Twitter Updater icon on your desktop
  4. When Twitter Updater loads up, you may get an error message stating that iTunes is not open.  Open iTunes and press play at least once to avoid any other errors.
  5. Once iTunes is open, run the Twitter Updater again, and enter in your information in their respected fields. (ie. username and password)
  6. Next select how often you would like Twitter Updater to post updates.
  7. Click Start and Twitter Updater will load up the name of the current song, the artist, and the album artwork. (Note: The album artwork does NOT post to your twitter feed.
  8. Immediately after pressing start, Twitter Updater will post the current track to your Twitter account.


  • If you change the interval of how often you want Twitter Updater to update your Twitter account after you have already pressed Start, the timer will restart, post the current track, then begin counting.
  • Once Twitter Updater has started, and you have pressed Start, you can close this window.  It will minimize to the system tray (where the clock is on your computer).  If Twitter Updater is stopped, then it will exit when the window is closed.
  • To close Twitter Updater, right click on the icon in the system tray, and click on Exit.
  • This application is for Windows (x64 and x86) only.
  • Album Artwork may not work for some, will work for all in update.

Future Updates:

  • Remember user name and password.
  • Post to multiple social networking sites (ie. Facebook, MySpace, etc)
  • Live counter until next update
  • Your live Twitter feed.

Hope you enjoy, and if you have any questions, comment or message me on facebook! 🙂

Nicholas Petty

This is currently out of commission.  I ran into some problems with it, and decided just to rebuild into something better.  Check back later. sorry :/


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