Twitter Updater

5 May

Twitter Updater

Update your Twitter feed with what you are currently listening to in iTunes automatically!  Check it out on the Twitter Updater page!


Scanner Stream App for Windows is now available!

26 Apr

After working all day on this, I finally have an application that you can use to listen to my live scanner stream of the local area.  Download and run the Scanner Stream app and it will connect automatically to the stream.  You may minimize afterward, and the program will stay open and running.  Hope you enjoy, and more updates will be out soon.

Download the Scanner Stream app here.

Android 2.1 update to be released May 10th

22 Apr


After speaking to my Sprint Rep today, he told me that they are starting training on the 2.1 firmware. The main reason they’re doing training is because the update will not be OTA. Users will have to connect there computers for the update. Some stores will offer to do this for you, only so they can push sales for cases, other accessories, and upgrades.

Stream Now Available for iPhone and Android

21 Apr

In your iPhone, the link will open up in your media player. On Android phones, you must download the free DroidLive app. Just browse for it in the Market. Once you have it installed, browse to my website on your phone. If it comes up as a mobile site, scroll to the bottom and click the button to turn off Mobile Site. Then you will see the links on the right hand side. Scroll and click on the iTunes/iPhone/Android phone link. It will then open up in DroidLive!

*In EDGE data networks, the stream may of trouble buffering in DroidLive. It’s recommended to be in a 3G data network while listening to this stream. Senatobia does have 3G for Cellular South, Verizon, and Sprint. Sorry AT&T users!

Next Gen iPhone

20 Apr
Image by GIZMODO

picture by; click for more photos

How lucky does one have to be to be handed the newest [unreleased] iPhone while just sitting in a bar? I say pretty damn lucky!! But then again, how lucky do you have to be to lose that iPhone and then find it again?!?  This happened to [Gray Powell], a software engineer working with apple on the development of the baseband firmware (what allows your phone to communicate with its network). While out enjoying himself at a local bar, he just so happen to set down his cleverly disguised Next-Gen iPhone on the bar stool next to him… This guy must of been pretty trashed to set his phone down on a bar stool? Maybe the bar in front of you, but the bar stool next to you? Really?

Yes, I know it was a simple mistake, that anyone could of done, but when you are in possession of what is going to be the next biggest thing in the world, that know one knows about! One should be a little more cautious as to where this device is at, at all times. Even if it was disguised as just a normal iPhone, that doesn’t mean someone won’t steal it in a heart beat, especially in a dark bar!

From what I can conclude, the device is back in Apples hands, after a trip through the hands of everyone over at GIZMODO.  Know one knows for sure what has happened to [Gray Powell], hopefully Apple has only warned him.  But with a leak as big as this, know one can know for sure.

The post from GIZMODO shows the specs as follows:

-Front Facing Camera (possibly for video phone?)

-Camera Flash

-Certainly Better Resolution Screen


-and an all new exterior casing

Almost seems as though Apple is trying to match the soon-to-be-released HTC Evo?  Or maybe it is the other way around?

written by Nick Petty dapallox1(at)gmail(dot)com


edit: it seems as though apple has not yet received there device back; there has recently been some proof of this really being Apples device, and not some knock off. check it out on

Update: Scanner Feed

19 Apr

Just a quick update for the scanner feed.  After hours of learning how to embed this stream into a webpage, I finally got it working.  This means for those of you who don’t have iTunes or don’t want to download the stream, you can view it in a webpage instead.  Just click on the link that says “Web Stream” and it will open in a new window or tab, depending on your settings.  I know the webpage is kind of bland, but I’m updating it as we speak! So bookmark it, and tune in from time to time!

Live Police Scanner Stream Now Available!

18 Apr

You’ll now notice a link right over there on the right side of the page for a live audio stream of my police scanner.  My scanner currently covers Tate, Marshal, Panola, and occasionally DeSoto. The DeSoto bank on my scanner covers a very large list of public safety in DeSoto, so it is kind of hard to keep up with whats going on.  However, eventually I’m going to have DeSoto on their own stream.  Below are a few pointers while listening to help you keep up a little better with what is going on since you can’t see the station you are listening to.




Tate-#  ::  Tate County Sheriff

S-#  ::  Senatobia PD

N-# ::  Northwest Community College

P-# :: Panola County Sheriff

Como-# :: Como PD

Happy Listening! Btw, the quality will get better as I get better streaming software! Here we come web player!

Click it!