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One more update for Sprint Hero 2.1

14 May

As many of you already know, the Samsung Moment 2.1 update has been released this morning.  Bring it into your nearest Sprint Store or Radio Shack and they’ll update it free of charge.  The Hero 2.1 though, is still being held, now because of a disagreement of  between Sprint and Android, Sprint wanting to update via USB, and Android wanting to update OTA (over-the-air).  So it will be postponed until one of them budges.  But hey, at least we know now that its out and ready.  I’ll update once I know a little more.


Just got done moving

13 May

After working since 9 this morning, I finally got done moving to hernando, ms.  But, see this makes it all so much better!  Time for some quick online gaming!  Also, the scanner feed will now only cover DeSoto County.  But I will have Senatobia back up later once I get my antenna up.  So just bare with me for now.

iTunes Media Keys Mapper Update v1.5

12 May

iTunes MKM update 1.5 has been released.  This is just a small update that will show what you are currently listening to each time the track changes for just a few seconds.  A little popup balloon will appear in the system tray, out of your way, and does not require any interaction.  Just thought this would be nice since it seems iTunes doesn’t do it for you anyways.  If anyone has any ideas or suggestions on what else I should add, just comment!


Nick Petty

Scanner Stream App for Windows is now available!

26 Apr

After working all day on this, I finally have an application that you can use to listen to my live scanner stream of the local area.  Download and run the Scanner Stream app and it will connect automatically to the stream.  You may minimize afterward, and the program will stay open and running.  Hope you enjoy, and more updates will be out soon.

Download the Scanner Stream app here.

Stream Now Available for iPhone and Android

21 Apr

In your iPhone, the link will open up in your media player. On Android phones, you must download the free DroidLive app. Just browse for it in the Market. Once you have it installed, browse to my website on your phone. If it comes up as a mobile site, scroll to the bottom and click the button to turn off Mobile Site. Then you will see the links on the right hand side. Scroll and click on the iTunes/iPhone/Android phone link. It will then open up in DroidLive!

*In EDGE data networks, the stream may of trouble buffering in DroidLive. It’s recommended to be in a 3G data network while listening to this stream. Senatobia does have 3G for Cellular South, Verizon, and Sprint. Sorry AT&T users!

Update: Scanner Feed

19 Apr

Just a quick update for the scanner feed.  After hours of learning how to embed this stream into a webpage, I finally got it working.  This means for those of you who don’t have iTunes or don’t want to download the stream, you can view it in a webpage instead.  Just click on the link that says “Web Stream” and it will open in a new window or tab, depending on your settings.  I know the webpage is kind of bland, but I’m updating it as we speak! So bookmark it, and tune in from time to time!


29 Jul

Sorry for no updates in the past few weeks.  We are currently staffing writers.  If you are a blogger on technology/electronics, we are looking for you.  This is a non-profit staffing, but there will be some benefits and rewards for various things such as “most views on your post” or “best written post”, etc.  If you are interested and are serious, please, leave a comment with an email address that I can get a hold of you at.  With smart, creative, and open-minded writers, we can make this site flourish with information.  And become one of the top sites to come to for updates on the newest technology and discoveries.