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Next Gen iPhone

20 Apr
Image by GIZMODO

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How lucky does one have to be to be handed the newest [unreleased] iPhone while just sitting in a bar? I say pretty damn lucky!! But then again, how lucky do you have to be to lose that iPhone and then find it again?!?  This happened to [Gray Powell], a software engineer working with apple on the development of the baseband firmware (what allows your phone to communicate with its network). While out enjoying himself at a local bar, he just so happen to set down his cleverly disguised Next-Gen iPhone on the bar stool next to him… This guy must of been pretty trashed to set his phone down on a bar stool? Maybe the bar in front of you, but the bar stool next to you? Really?

Yes, I know it was a simple mistake, that anyone could of done, but when you are in possession of what is going to be the next biggest thing in the world, that know one knows about! One should be a little more cautious as to where this device is at, at all times. Even if it was disguised as just a normal iPhone, that doesn’t mean someone won’t steal it in a heart beat, especially in a dark bar!

From what I can conclude, the device is back in Apples hands, after a trip through the hands of everyone over at GIZMODO.  Know one knows for sure what has happened to [Gray Powell], hopefully Apple has only warned him.  But with a leak as big as this, know one can know for sure.

The post from GIZMODO shows the specs as follows:

-Front Facing Camera (possibly for video phone?)

-Camera Flash

-Certainly Better Resolution Screen


-and an all new exterior casing

Almost seems as though Apple is trying to match the soon-to-be-released HTC Evo?  Or maybe it is the other way around?

written by Nick Petty dapallox1(at)gmail(dot)com


edit: it seems as though apple has not yet received there device back; there has recently been some proof of this really being Apples device, and not some knock off. check it out on


The Myth About Magnets Ruining Credit Cards Proves To Be True

17 Apr

After spending my day working then running around swiping my debit card way to much, as I do always, I reached a problem.  While buying a few things here and there, my card was suddenly declined.  Now the first thing that came to my mind, was that I had ran out of money.  But, doubting that, I looked over my receipts and thought back on what I have bought.  I soon realized that I haven’t come close to spending the millions of dollars in my bank account 8994311 (all of that was a lie of course, :/ ).  So my next thought was that the credit card machine at this midget strip club must of been broken.  I mean, that is the only explanation!  You tell me when you’ve been to a midget strip club that actually took debit in the first place, I knew it was to good to true!  Well later, as I walked around feeling really dirty about what I had to do to pay back my debt to Miss Shorty, I caught myself playing with my loose debit card in my pocket, and also… my MAGNETIC name tag for work….. I slowly pulled both out, and stared.  So, just to make sure, I went to the nearest ATM, and swiped.  At first it said card read error, then I swiped it again, and this time it came back saying that my card was not valid.  Well what do you know!!

The technical explanation for this is the mag strip on the back of cards is made up of a few rows of north and south magnets.  Ordering these magnets in a certain pattern will spell out different information, known as Binary respectably.  Well, when the magnets on the back of my name tag ran so smoothly across, it changed the order of these magnets, writing and invalid account number to my card… if only I was so lucky as to get an account number that was valid, and did have millions of dollars on it! Miss Shorty’s here I come!


DTV Conversion

12 Jun

DTVlogoAs many know, today is the last day to switch to a cable or satelitte provider, or to buy a digital converter box before you see nothing but static.  For those of you who have waited until the last minute to switch, shame on you.  The original switch date was in Feburary, but was extended until June 12, 2009.  Everyone should of had plenty of warning.  But now that you can’t watch anything, you are all rushing in to get a convertor, and are getting mad because the store you went to is all out…  Come on now, what do you expect??  You had plenty of time to get them.  But instead, you waited until the VERY LAST MINUTE.  I’m sure people will still be trying to buy them at 11 pm tonight.  It amazes me how people just sit around and not do anything until they’re forced too.

For those of you who don’t know how this works, I’l explain.  TV -> Coaxil -> Converter Box -> Coaxil -> Indoor/Outdoor Antenna.  It is that simple.  Then you just turn it on.

Attention: Crazy Grannies On The Loose!

11 Jun

Apparently, grannies are not to be trusted.  If you happen upon one, be advised, it seems the only way to take them down is to taze them!  If you don’t have a taser available, check out the disposable camera taser!

As one of these crazed grannies sped through a 45MPH worcrazy_051grandmak zone at 60MPH in Travis County, Texas, a highway patrol man was keeping a close watch and pulled her over.  It seems, from the video at least, that she was resisting arrest and began to use “obscene” language.  Lets be real here.  This man, could not keep a small 72 year-old woman at bay, and had to use excessive force as far as a taser??  I think he might of been attacked by one of these crazed grannies once before in his life, and decided to take it all out on one that was late for her Bingo Tournament.

Watch the Fox 7 News Report here.