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Sprint Hero 2.1 Update has been officially released

19 May

That’s right, it is finally out.  Now the question stands, will it be as great as many of us have hoped?  Though Sprint has been holding out on us for months to “fix bugs”, flipz from has already picked out many bugs in the new RUU that he used for his custom build of the rom.  So, here is a question for those of you who have already upgraded to flipz version, will you take the risk of upgrading to the official signed upgrade, where no root may exist for quite a while?  Those of you who bought an iPod 3g when they first came out, remember how long it took before anyone could get the jailbreak untethered.  Personally, I’m not going to upgrade to the official until it is ripped apart by the modding community.

As many of you have probably noticed though, the version number (2.27.651.5)  for the official release on the Sprint website, is the same as the leaked version, that flipz already has in his new fresh rom 2.1.1.  So if you already have the 2.1.1 from flipz, dont update.  But if you haven’t rooted, and dont feel like it for some personal reason, then grab the update, and tell us what you think.

This update includes the following:

• Upgraded OS to Android 2.1 Éclair
• Enhancements to Sense UI
• Enhanced corporate email support
• Includes a variety of minor bug fixes (many more are fixed, and will probably be fixed my flipz way before Sprint or Google get to it)

So Sprint and Google, why is that these few people can make and update your messed up roms, with no training from Sprint or Google, and no paycheck?  And it takes you months to do anything?  Something better be coming in the near future that will blow us all away.

Nicholas Petty – Author and founder of ImOnFire


Android 2.1 update to be released May 10th

22 Apr


After speaking to my Sprint Rep today, he told me that they are starting training on the 2.1 firmware. The main reason they’re doing training is because the update will not be OTA. Users will have to connect there computers for the update. Some stores will offer to do this for you, only so they can push sales for cases, other accessories, and upgrades.

HTC Evo early pics and videos coming soon!

17 Apr

After talking with my Sprint Rep about the new HTC Evo, he mentioned to me that he will be getting one early to train everyone on.  So we are agreeing to make a video and take some pictures of it as a short demostration for I’m On Fire.  So keep checking back or take the time to subscribe via RSS or Twitter, and see what the world is in for with this new, one of kind phone.

Android 2.1 Sprint Hero Update

14 Apr

Just a few minutes ago, my Sprint Rep came in to talk to us about a few things. In the process I asked him about the 2.1 update. He told me that Sprint doesn’t really ever tell him anything, but from what has heard around the office and from HTC, it us supposed to be May 1st. Now honestly, I feel that to be a more reliable date then all of the others we’ve heard. Mainly because all these previous rumors we’ve heard are supposed to be right around the corner from the date of the announcement. He also told me that they haven’t been worry with it too much because of the soon to be released Evo. So in the mean time, those of you who can’t wait any longer, check out the release from Fresh, and flash it. I have, and absolutely love it!