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iPhone 3G Passcode workaround

19 May

Just a random post about the iPhone passcode workaround.  Though, it probably isn’t what most people are looking for, it will allow you to use your phone again.  Simply turn the device off, hold the home key, and plug it into your computer.  Keep holding the home key until screen shows a USB Sync cable with the iTunes logo.  Release the home key, and iTunes will ask you to restore.  This will erase all of your information on it.  But it will be working again. 

The reason I’m post this is because I have yet to read this anywhere as a method for getting around the passcode.


Nicholas Petty


Sprint Hero 2.1 Update has been officially released

19 May

That’s right, it is finally out.  Now the question stands, will it be as great as many of us have hoped?  Though Sprint has been holding out on us for months to “fix bugs”, flipz from has already picked out many bugs in the new RUU that he used for his custom build of the rom.  So, here is a question for those of you who have already upgraded to flipz version, will you take the risk of upgrading to the official signed upgrade, where no root may exist for quite a while?  Those of you who bought an iPod 3g when they first came out, remember how long it took before anyone could get the jailbreak untethered.  Personally, I’m not going to upgrade to the official until it is ripped apart by the modding community.

As many of you have probably noticed though, the version number (2.27.651.5)  for the official release on the Sprint website, is the same as the leaked version, that flipz already has in his new fresh rom 2.1.1.  So if you already have the 2.1.1 from flipz, dont update.  But if you haven’t rooted, and dont feel like it for some personal reason, then grab the update, and tell us what you think.

This update includes the following:

• Upgraded OS to Android 2.1 Éclair
• Enhancements to Sense UI
• Enhanced corporate email support
• Includes a variety of minor bug fixes (many more are fixed, and will probably be fixed my flipz way before Sprint or Google get to it)

So Sprint and Google, why is that these few people can make and update your messed up roms, with no training from Sprint or Google, and no paycheck?  And it takes you months to do anything?  Something better be coming in the near future that will blow us all away.

Nicholas Petty – Author and founder of ImOnFire

51 States of America

16 May

After the earthquake in Haiti, the government had decided, in order to get troops and other public safety organizations as well as funding for rebuilding homes and businesses, to make Haiti a state.  This happened at 4:53, Tuesday, May 11th, according to Time Magazine.  A state hasn’t been added to our country since Hawaii on August 21, 1959.  So who knows what will happen now.  Maybe this will be better for our economy, maybe not.  I believe that it is almost impossible to tell at this time because of our current status of the economy.

iTunes Media Keys Mapper

9 May

I made this little program for myself to use my keyboard Media Keys with iTunes while it is minimized.  I’m sure it will help a lot of people.  Check it out.

if you need any help, just comment.

Twitter Updater

5 May

Twitter Updater

Update your Twitter feed with what you are currently listening to in iTunes automatically!  Check it out on the Twitter Updater page!

Android 2.1 update to be released May 10th

22 Apr


After speaking to my Sprint Rep today, he told me that they are starting training on the 2.1 firmware. The main reason they’re doing training is because the update will not be OTA. Users will have to connect there computers for the update. Some stores will offer to do this for you, only so they can push sales for cases, other accessories, and upgrades.

Next Gen iPhone

20 Apr
Image by GIZMODO

picture by; click for more photos

How lucky does one have to be to be handed the newest [unreleased] iPhone while just sitting in a bar? I say pretty damn lucky!! But then again, how lucky do you have to be to lose that iPhone and then find it again?!?  This happened to [Gray Powell], a software engineer working with apple on the development of the baseband firmware (what allows your phone to communicate with its network). While out enjoying himself at a local bar, he just so happen to set down his cleverly disguised Next-Gen iPhone on the bar stool next to him… This guy must of been pretty trashed to set his phone down on a bar stool? Maybe the bar in front of you, but the bar stool next to you? Really?

Yes, I know it was a simple mistake, that anyone could of done, but when you are in possession of what is going to be the next biggest thing in the world, that know one knows about! One should be a little more cautious as to where this device is at, at all times. Even if it was disguised as just a normal iPhone, that doesn’t mean someone won’t steal it in a heart beat, especially in a dark bar!

From what I can conclude, the device is back in Apples hands, after a trip through the hands of everyone over at GIZMODO.  Know one knows for sure what has happened to [Gray Powell], hopefully Apple has only warned him.  But with a leak as big as this, know one can know for sure.

The post from GIZMODO shows the specs as follows:

-Front Facing Camera (possibly for video phone?)

-Camera Flash

-Certainly Better Resolution Screen


-and an all new exterior casing

Almost seems as though Apple is trying to match the soon-to-be-released HTC Evo?  Or maybe it is the other way around?

written by Nick Petty dapallox1(at)gmail(dot)com


edit: it seems as though apple has not yet received there device back; there has recently been some proof of this really being Apples device, and not some knock off. check it out on