The Myth About Magnets Ruining Credit Cards Proves To Be True

17 Apr

After spending my day working then running around swiping my debit card way to much, as I do always, I reached a problem.  While buying a few things here and there, my card was suddenly declined.  Now the first thing that came to my mind, was that I had ran out of money.  But, doubting that, I looked over my receipts and thought back on what I have bought.  I soon realized that I haven’t come close to spending the millions of dollars in my bank account 8994311 (all of that was a lie of course, :/ ).  So my next thought was that the credit card machine at this midget strip club must of been broken.  I mean, that is the only explanation!  You tell me when you’ve been to a midget strip club that actually took debit in the first place, I knew it was to good to true!  Well later, as I walked around feeling really dirty about what I had to do to pay back my debt to Miss Shorty, I caught myself playing with my loose debit card in my pocket, and also… my MAGNETIC name tag for work….. I slowly pulled both out, and stared.  So, just to make sure, I went to the nearest ATM, and swiped.  At first it said card read error, then I swiped it again, and this time it came back saying that my card was not valid.  Well what do you know!!

The technical explanation for this is the mag strip on the back of cards is made up of a few rows of north and south magnets.  Ordering these magnets in a certain pattern will spell out different information, known as Binary respectably.  Well, when the magnets on the back of my name tag ran so smoothly across, it changed the order of these magnets, writing and invalid account number to my card… if only I was so lucky as to get an account number that was valid, and did have millions of dollars on it! Miss Shorty’s here I come!



One Response to “The Myth About Magnets Ruining Credit Cards Proves To Be True”

  1. Chris Jones May 11, 2010 at 12:02 am #

    Lmao. That sucks. I would have never thought of this happening. Glad I keep my cards in my wallet.

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