Android 2.1 Sprint Hero Update

14 Apr

Just a few minutes ago, my Sprint Rep came in to talk to us about a few things. In the process I asked him about the 2.1 update. He told me that Sprint doesn’t really ever tell him anything, but from what has heard around the office and from HTC, it us supposed to be May 1st. Now honestly, I feel that to be a more reliable date then all of the others we’ve heard. Mainly because all these previous rumors we’ve heard are supposed to be right around the corner from the date of the announcement. He also told me that they haven’t been worry with it too much because of the soon to be released Evo. So in the mean time, those of you who can’t wait any longer, check out the release from Fresh, and flash it. I have, and absolutely love it!


One Response to “Android 2.1 Sprint Hero Update”

  1. dave April 18, 2010 at 10:32 am #

    Yea,not worried about it,sounds about right.people who signed a 2 year contract are worried about it ! Now we have the EVO coming,so people,like me,that waited on a better phone than the hero,or the junk moment have to worry about getting the EVO. what kinda problems are there gonna be with it ? updates ? then i’ll have another 2 year contract of headaches!! apple don’t treat their customers like this do they?Well at least they back their product,and when they release something it’s ready. I love android, but sprint just does not seem like they care. It’s all about releasing a new phone,making money,Getting fools to sign?a contract,and then going to the next new thing,meanwhile,sticking one to the guy who just signed a 2 year contract?Maybe when they come out with a new phone,long time customers can trade their old In for the newest?naa,that would make a customer happy,and that just wouldn’t be the Sprint way,would it??

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