Attention: Crazy Grannies On The Loose!

11 Jun

Apparently, grannies are not to be trusted.  If you happen upon one, be advised, it seems the only way to take them down is to taze them!  If you don’t have a taser available, check out the disposable camera taser!

As one of these crazed grannies sped through a 45MPH worcrazy_051grandmak zone at 60MPH in Travis County, Texas, a highway patrol man was keeping a close watch and pulled her over.  It seems, from the video at least, that she was resisting arrest and began to use “obscene” language.  Lets be real here.  This man, could not keep a small 72 year-old woman at bay, and had to use excessive force as far as a taser??  I think he might of been attacked by one of these crazed grannies once before in his life, and decided to take it all out on one that was late for her Bingo Tournament.

Watch the Fox 7 News Report here.


One Response to “Attention: Crazy Grannies On The Loose!”

  1. Mike June 11, 2009 at 1:48 pm #

    notice how fast the officer tossed his posse
    box, after he received a radio transmission? Grannie apparently has a long history with the law.

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