“iPhone 3G Will Not Restore” possibly solved!

10 Jun

As some have may experienced, your iPhone,  jailbroken and virgins alike, may had decided to go to restore mode one day out of the blue?  You try to restore.  Attempting with many different versions of firmware (FW), and versions of iTunes.  Still nothing.  Just hanging on “Waiting for iPhone.”  Well, this happened with a phone that came into my hands one day.  Tonight, though, I belieapple-iphone-3gve I have came up with a possiblity on why these iPhones are doing such.

After a few hours on the iPhone-Dev teams IRC channel, a local client helped me through a few things, trying to come up with a solution to this very annoying problem.  Sadly enough, we did not.  Instead, we found the reason for this act of violence.  The iPhone use flash memory.  Which makes them much smaller, but much harder to fix.  It seems as though the “NAND Flash Chip”, as “burned” out.  This means no re-flashing, or re-programming.  This could happen from a variety of reasons.  From being dropped, or water damage, or even a simple typo in the code for the jailbreak.  This is just one of those small problems that make a big deal in the end.

If you have a warranty, just exchange it.  But if it is jailbroken, or your warranty is expired, I’ve come up with a way to still give you some hope.  Find an iPhone 3G with a cracked screen that someone is willing to give to you, or sell for a low price, and simply switch out your good screen with theirs!  And viola’, a new phone!

I hope this puts those restless problem solvers to rest.  Sorry for the bad news, but there isn’t much you can do now.  Though, the iPhone 3GS is coming right around the corner!


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